In Built Economisers in the Spotlight

19th January 2023

We have worked with a number of customers to reduce the reliance on costly refractory precast products. We are the only refractory company to offer inbuilt economisers around the ports in the delta, cutting down the need to buy three separate large precast pieces every time.

In Built Economisers in the Spotlight

Made at our factory in Scunthorpe our EAF Roof Deltas are known and highly respected in the UK market and we hold the record for roof lives at a local steel works, over 1000 heats! The roof can be designed entirely to your specification and have inbuilt air economisers if you so wish. We also produce Economiser rings to compliment the Deltas. We offer a range of castables to suit this purpose and provide best value in use. We also offer the addition of green chrome where specified.

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