Introducing The Complete EAF Solution

2nd July 2018

Trent refractories is please to present our complete EAF Solution as presented on our new web page here. In the Electric Arc Furnace, scrap metal is melted using an electrical and chemical process. An Electric Arc Furnace can reach temperatures in excess of 1,700 degrees and Trent Refractories have the solution to meet the demands for each type of furnace.

Introducing The Complete EAF Solution

Precast EAF Roofs - Our precast EAF Roofs and deltas replaced older Electric Arc Furnace Roof technology where they built out of Silica, and then High Alumina bricks. It was found to be a better performer and also improved risks associated with the brick roofs cracking and falling into the furnace, which was quite a common occurrence. Trent not only made EAF Roofs safer, but use a unique material which is cost effective and gives greater service life.

EAF Launders - We can create a Launder to your design enabling efficient targeted tapping from your furnace with excellent wear capabilities. A precast monolithic runner which forms a spout extending from the taphole to enable molten steel to flow into the ladle. Higher strength and more thermally shock resistant than Magnesite runners.

EAF Ramming - We have a range of Alumina and Basic ramming materials to suit various applications for the furnace. Basic rammings of various grades are available for the hearths, and Alumina rammings for furnace repairs.

EAF Gunning - We have a range of Alumina and Basic gunning materials to suit various applications for the walls of the furnace. We also produce a specialist gunning material which is beneficial to the ferrochrome making process. We are also able to develop mixes using our team of experienced technical staff and external R&D support, please just ask and we will be happy to work on something for your needs.

EAF Bricks - We can supply any type of brick to a specific size to your needs, we keep a small stock of standard sizes at our facility in Scunthorpe also. The lead time on special orders is typically 16 to 20 weeks from ordering.

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