UK Steel Presentation At NMC 2023 - National Resilience & Steel Supply Chains

7th March 2023

The weakening of our domestic steel industry could prove a significant threat to the UK's economic resilience and national security. Russia's invasion of Ukraine and Covid-19 have demonstrated the increased risk associated with fragile global supply chains, where producers often prioritise domestic demand. The UK produces much less than other G7 countries, and is therefore more exposed to global supply disruption. Domestic steel producers can provide a cushion of supply-chain resilience and also supply essential steel to the domestic defence industry.

UK Steel Presentation At NMC 2023 - National Resilience & Steel Supply Chains

Status quo is no longer an option, as state-subsidised global oversupply, high energy prices, and climate change targets have put pressure on the steel sector. UK Steel brings together a range of thought leaders from industry and academia to discuss these challenges and some of the solutions we will need to deploy. A fascinating series of discussions of interest to anyone within the manufacturing sector and materials supply chains.

Speakers at the event today:

  • Chair: Gareth Stace - Director General, UK Steel
  • Dan Marks - Energy Security Research Fellow, Royal United Services Institute
  • Professor David Bailey PhD, FeRSA - Professor of Business Economics, University of Birmingham
  • Peter Quinn - Director, sustainability and environment, Tata Steel UK

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